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Happy Birthday to Me

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December 27, 2014

I rolled out of bed around 5am, stumbled to the coffee pot while the sky was still dark. Up early to get ready for a run with a friend. In preparation for another half marathon, we set out in the muggy morning air on a 10 mile jaunt. (Err..take note that we are loosely training during the holiday feasting season. About as loose as the elastic  on the yoga pants I live in between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. But 10 miles is still considered training, right?!) We opted out of our normal hilly neighborhood run and headed to the flattest of all the local trailheads we could find. Despite all of the sugar, wine, pasta, cookies, and everything else delicious it was a good run. A strong run. An inspirational run. A happy run. A run with an inspiring and encouraging friend. A run that covered ground while our conversation covered ground. Everything under the sun, from timing of the north winds that were due to blow through anytime to remembering a fellow runner that neither of us knew but lost her life in the very park we were running almost a year ago to peeing your pants. Yes, it really gets that serious and it can be that random. But there is so much beauty in the randomness.

The north winds blew in about a minute after we took the last step of that run, dropping the temps about 20 degrees in a matter of seconds. Nature amazes me.

As any reasonable person would do after going for a 10 mile run, I headed out for a piping hot pizza. Only today was special, because I got to share some time and piping hot pie with my mom. We ate, we shopped, we invested in a little pampering at the nail salon and had some good old fashioned mama-daughter time. It was a day of memory making for sure. Spending this time with her made me a bit reflective and I began to think about how this incredible woman shaped me and molded me into the person I am today. She demonstrated for me how to simultaneously make a home, build a career, and rear children. She is a picture of tenacity and perseverance. I’ve faced some giants in my life (many of my own doing, but giants none the less) and credit my mom for teaching me not to let fear get the best of me.

My evening ended with a date. It’s only been recently that I have made a re-entry to the dating world, which by the way has enough content for an entire blog. But to protect the innocent and not get too off track, I won’t divulge that many details. However, I will say that this was the perfect ending to my day. THE date itself, not to be confused with my date for the evening, was a little glimpse into my future. A hope for new beginnings and things to come.

This day goes down in the history of birthdays as one of the best yet. It could not have been a more amazing collision of past, present, and future.