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Full Circle

In February of 2010 my distance running journey was kicking off and  I was training to run my first half marathon when I wrote this – Running from Crazy.

Seven years and several half marathons later I am planning to run my first full marathon tomorrow in Austin. So much has changed and so much has not. One of things that has not – that list of reasons why I run.

For all of those things that have changed, well those are reserved for another time and another series of posts.

I run for many different reasons:
to stay heart healthy,
to counter the calorie consumption in my favorite pasta dishes and chocolate,
to chat with the Lord,
to chat with myself,
to let the Lord chat with me,
to listen to good music like New Edition’s Candy Girl,
to dance…you lookin’ kinda cute in that polka dot bikini giiiiiirl,
to get out my anger and frustration,
to mourn,
to be thankful,
to feel (because sometimes I just get in a rut and cannot feel things),
to get away from crazy,
because I am crazy!

Training has been a wild ride, filled with lots of ups and downs (including lots of hills). But, I’m going into tomorrow trusting that I’m prepared and ready to face the road (and the hill after hill after hill…gotta love Austin!) that lay before me. My only goal is to successfully cross the finish line, preferably on my feet. There is not stress over any specific time, just to complete the course. Not too different from the goal I had seven years ago.

The other thing that’s not too different about tomorrow is the anticipated weather. Only the race in 2010 was in May and located in Beaumont, TX where warm temps and humidity are the norm year round. But you know…Austin has to stay weird. So why not warm, muggy weather in February? It’s all part of the fun, right?!?!

The one other thing that cannot go without mention is my absolute admiration and love for Girls on the Run. In 2010, I had stumbled across their website and was just becoming acquainted with the organization and their mission. My active participation with GOTR did not really begin until 2012, but it’s been life changing.  I am so thankful for the opportunities to be a part of this group and the friendships that I have gained in the process. Including my running buddy who will be on the course with me tomorrow.

The wheel has come full circle. – William Shakespeare