Dear Daina – Lizards and Bread

Dearest friend,

I just got back from a run through the Singapore Botanical Gardens which happens to be just around the corner from my hotel. The trails wind through dense tropical gardens and lush rain forests and then open up to green lawns and lakes. There was a light rainfall this morning as I was running along the edge of Swan Lake admiring the view across the water, when I rounded a corner and caught a glimpse of this guy laying in wait across the path.


My heart stopped for a brief moment and all I could think about was the toddler that got swallowed up by the gator at the Disney resort in Florida recently. I was surely going down by this baby gator on the edge of Swan Lake half way around the world. But then, I saw another lady running toward me and she jogged right on over him. She was kind enough to explain to me in my panicked state that the monitor lizard was perfectly tame as long as I stayed on his tale end and away from his face. The skepticism must have been all over my face because she offered and did run with me, to show me that it was perfectly safe. Thank you, Singapore running buddy whom I will never see again! Run on and run safe. 

The gardens were one incredible view after another. A couple of my favorite spots included the Orchid Garden and the Evolution Garden, which walked you through a series of vegetation, trees, and flowers that are representative of each period of time since Creation.

Ohhhh D – You know how food is one of my love languages? The Singapore bakery scene speaks to my soul. They love their bread here. Bread shops and bakeries are on every corner, much like Starbucks is stateside. (But, to be fair, Starbucks has their fair share of corners here too.)

In the office building where I am working this week there is a brief moment at the entrance where the aroma of fish lingers in the air, because that is common for breakfast here too. Gag. But I rush by it so that I can take in the sweet smell of yeast and fresh bread at the little shop next door.

When in Singapore, do as the Singaporeans do – right?

Yesterday I caved and had an afternoon snack that was pretty much equivalent to an entire loaf of bread. Oh, did I mention it was chocolate bread and stuffed with cream cheese. Be still my heart.


And this is why I run.

Signing off for now. More to come. Much love and big hugs!



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