And so it has begun. A new year. A new season. A fresh start. A clean slate.

I wrote that 7 months ago, hit save, logged out and haven’t since logged in to WordPress.  As I wrote those words, I knew there was a whirlwind of change in the coming year but looking at my calendar, it seemed the so far away. Let me be the first to tell you, as soon as I hit save and logged out it blew in like gale force winds. I fully expect hurricane force winds by the time August rolls around.

With all this change I find myself clinging to the familiar, the steady, the constant, the predictable things in my life. Oh, and chocolate…lots and lots of chocolate.  I’m knuckling in things that I’ve been trying with all my might to let go and my grasp is slipping on the things I’d just barely got a hold of before winds started brewing. Take writing for instance… 7 months of silence. It’s time for some change.

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