#gratitudelately and training update

One of my most favorite lessons from Girls on the Run teaches the difference between being thankful and expressing gratitude. In the same way that HP printers bring those digital pictures to life, gratitude gives life to our thanks and turns everything into enough!

In the spirit of the Holiday, I’m dedicating posts this month to gratitude!

Often times, it’s just the little things that make a difference.

New kicks

Like new kicks with an extra half size so my little piggies aren’t too squished just in time for this weekends 14-miler. Thank you so much to Fleet Feet for helping get me hooked up.


14 miles

I ran the furthest I have every run this weekend and could not be more grateful to have such an amazing running buddy by my side the entire time. Thanks, Minka! Plus a big shout out to Mother Nature for the cooler temps.

collage ice

Ice baths. For reals, y’all. I was scared to death the first time I tried this but I am so grateful I faced my fear. These things have been a life saver since we got up over the 10 mile mark.


Circle of ShoesBCG pyramid

The smiles on these faces are priceless and so are all of the volunteers that make it happen. Race day is 3 weeks out now and I couldn’t be more excited.  Please consider supporting me by donating here. Your donations will help ensure that young girls get to learn about the importance and impact they can have just by simply expressing their gratitude! If you know any young girls in those pre-teen to teenage years, then I am sure you understand just how far this can go.

I’m looking for good tunes to add to the race day playlist. What are your favorites? Heard any good power songs lately?

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