All good feelings

How’s the training going, you ask? Good. Great. Really awesome. So glad you asked. You won’t believe it but I am already down to 6 weeks before race day. Things started getting real a couple of weeks ago when long runs finally entered the double digits. Each half I have trained for, the 10 mile mark is always dreaded, but empowering once it’s over and done. This 10-mile run, like each of the previous,  wasn’t one of my finest moments, but it’s over and done now.

Photo Oct 09, 9 23 17 PM

How’s the fundraising going, you ask? Good. But, we still have a little ways to go. Girls on the Run is near and dear to my heart and if you are new around here, you can read more about my love for this organization here and here. I’ve set a goal to raise $500 by November 22nd and I would love to have your support. When you contribute you are helping to provide supplies needed for the 10 week sessions that reach nearly 200 girls in Bexar County, and contribute to scholarships for many of the girls who need assistance to participate.

You can help out by making a donation to my personal fundraising by clicking here –> GOTR – SoleMates Runs Shiner

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This week our Girls on the Run are discussing what it means to be emotionally healthy. This lesson comes on the heels of talking about how important it is to fuel our healthy bodies and have an active lifestyle. Then just like that, the curriculum takes a deep dive with the girls into the difference between “comfortable” and “uncomfortable” feelings.  Uncomfortable = my feelings about that 10 mile run UGGHH; Comfortable = my feelings about your support for my fundraising WootWoot!!

Every time I have ever had the chance to lead this lesson I remember feeling like I was the most “uncomfortable” girl in the circle of this conversation. It’s about 4 weeks into the season and the little ladies have built an incredible trust relationship with one another. They have started to appreciate each other in new and exciting ways, embracing each others differences and  beginning to let go of any insecurities they may have had coming into the program. It’s such a sweet moment to watch the expressions on everyone’s face as the lesson unfolds and we enter a conversation about how there is no such thing as bad feelings, just comfortable and uncomfortable.

Oh, how I wished someone would have explained this concept to me when I was 13 years old. While I didn’t understand it then, I am so glad to know it now. Whether it’s a less than ideal 10 mile run, a crappy feeling that pops up from parenting a teenager, a comfortable silence with a good friend, or a warm and cozy feeling finding a letter of gratitude and encouragement in the mail from a friend. All the feelings we feel are good feelings. Feelings that fuel our emotional health.

Help a girl learn this lesson. It’s one of the big ones that every girl needs to hear and YOU CAN help make that happen.

GOTR Sole Mates


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