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We are all Superstars!

At Girls On the Run we give away Energy Awards to help reinforce and reward positive behaviors. Superstar is one of my favorites. This could possibly be because I watched way too much SNL during the 90’s and in so many ways identified with the awkwardly, spastic and nutty Mary Katherine. But, I am getting off track…big shout out to all of you SUPERSTARS out there that kicked off this fundraising effort with me! I could not be more grateful for each and every one of YOU!

This Sunday wraps up week 4 of the 17 week training plan with a 7-miler.  I am feeling stronger than I have in quite sometime and I really attribute this to the  yoga I’ve added into my workout routine. Yoga has been not only a place where I have found some happiness on my mat, but good golly, Miss Molly…my hips are seeing some flexibility they haven’t seen in almost 18 years. Bring on the Sun Salutations.

Last week training was briefly interrupted. I squeezed in a quick end-of-summer get away in which I sat on the beach, watched a cross-fit group work out all day in some sort of crazy beach workout, while I sipped on an ice-cold shandy, stared at the ocean, and read a mindless book. It was the best. Especially the part where I watched the cross-fit group work their fannies off. I wanted to jump right up and give them each a big Superstar shout out!


Due in great part to you Superstars, fundraising is moving right along. If you haven’t made a donation yet, you too can be a Superstar  by clicking this link. Read up more about my fundraising efforts on prior posts and learn why I love this organization and how it is impacting the lives of so many little Superstars! Pay close attention to the part where you CAN make a difference.

fundraising dashboard


In honor of the late Don Pardo, let’s talk SNL a little more today… do you have any favorite characters, sketches, years, writers? Or do you all have an affinity for Mary Katherine and Superstar like I do?














gratitude turns everything into enough

What CAN you do?

I posted over at Girls On the Run San Antonio blog this week. Check out what Coaching for this organization means to me here.

Amy Coach

I am not Coaching this season, but embracing my ability and desire to make a difference by running the Shiner Half Marathon in November as a SoleMate for GOTR. I’ve set a fundraising goal of $500.00 because I CAN run, I CAN rise to the challenge, and I CAN start to change the world right here in my local community.

We believe that every girl
can embrace who she is,
can define who she wants to be,
can rise to any challenge,
can change the world.

You CAN help make a difference too by making a donation to my cause.

Shiner training Mapmyrun start week

This week training officially kicked off.  I ran just under 15 miles this week and I am challenging at least 2 of you to donate $15.00 each. That is  just $1.00 per mile per person.

We can do this incrementally together, friends. I’ve got somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 miles to log before race day. If together we can come up with $2.00 a mile over the next 12 weeks, then we will have this thing in the bag and you CAN know you helped make a difference in the lives of super special young ladies!

Here is the link for making a donation:  Amy’s donation page.  And if you missed the first challenge in this post, there is still a really cool GOTR T-Shirt available for the first person to make a donation.

Recently I have come across articles and conversations about the fulfillment and passion for a purposefull life. I find fulfillment in my involvement with this organization because I personally have a passion for health and fitness and for children. Girls On the Run is where it intersects for me. Where do you find fulfillment, passion, and purpose in life? Do you have a cause that aligns with those areas of life you feel are important and bring meaning to your life?  




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