Monthly Archives: July 2014

Looking forward

“Some people spend all week looking forward to Friday. Some people spend all year looking forward to Summer. Some people spend their entire lives looking for happiness.”

Upside down, hips lifted high in downward facing dog this last Friday, I let these words just sink in to my soul the same way beads of sweat were starting to slip down my spine.

“It’s Friday and it’s summer. What don’t you have to be happy about?”

Deep breaths in and out. I recounted my self to soul chat earlier in the car that went a little something like this…

It’s Friday. It’s summer. You ARE going to this Vinyasa Yoga class to sweat your arse off and stretch your achy, old self out after a week of daily running. Of course you are going to go in because you don’t have anywhere else to go on this Friday night and other than this class, the most exciting thing going on this weekend will be your trip to the grocery store and a marathon evening of watching the season  two of Orange Is the New Black.

(If you didn’t pick up on the subtleness in my self chat above, happiness has been a bit elusive lately. You know how sometimes life can happen? Well, it did. And it’s been tough. But, not impossible. Just not necessarily happy.)

As we worked through our first vinyasa flow and I settled into my intention, that instructor made my day when ABBA’s Dancing Queen came blaring from the speakers. Right there in that moment I found happiness on my mat for that full hour. Yes. I. Did.

How can you not with an 80’s themed Hot Vinyasa class? Seriously people?

As it turns out, I have been living weekends mostly looking forward for to Mondays.  With the ABBA and Friday Hot Vinyasa combo I’m definitely looking forward to this coming Friday!

Where do you find happiness when life happens? Have you tried hot vinyasa? How about hot vinyasa and ABBA combo….experienced that? If not, you definitely should.

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