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Quad-dominant, Quad-dominant, Quad-dominant

“Shut your mouths and listen to me now,”  when spoken by a particular spin instructor at the local Lifetime  can be interpreted as “welcome to spin class everyone!”

No kidding.

The dude is hard-core serious about his class.

Over a year ago I happily bounced into this guys class knowing none the different, hopped my happy butt on a bike and got moving. Until he spoke. It was THE most intimidating experience in a spin class I have ever had and I never went back. Until last night.

My workout schedules for the week are planned around when this guy doesn’t teach, so when I realized I screwed up and managed to end up in his class last night, I decided it was time to buck up and get it done. I dragged myself to a bike in the back of the room. Lolly-gagged around with the settings and climbed up for an easy warm-up. 

As others trickled in, the back of the room quickly began to fill up around me. Everyone seems to like the back of the room in this class…could this be a direct correlation with the  instructors style? Hmmm… I was suddenly surrounded and feeling a bit claustrophobic.  I am not a fan of a crowd when I’m working out.

On the front row I spotted a couple of empty bikes and found myself in a real bind. Do I dare move and put myself front and center for the militant spin instructor or hang out leisurely with the rat pack in the back feeling like I was crammed in a sardine can??

What the heck?! If I’m in for this torture, I might as well be all in.

Front and center, music blaring, and all I could think was “Jesus help me.”

And guess what? He did. Jesus, that is but if I have to be honest so did the instructor. I survived and even left there with a whole new appreciation for this guy.

It is true, he plays no games.

He loves his spinning and has no mercy.

But he loves his pupils.

And like Schmidt from New Girl in the video below, I’m pretty sure he wants us all to leave there better than when we walked in…

P.S. Do you not just love Schmidt?! I’d sit next to him in a spin class any day.


For the love of summer

Hooray! Summer is here.

love summer

I know this because my home has suddenly gone quiet and the pup waits patiently for someone to come play with her.

quiet house

The boy has been shipped off to grandpa’s for the summer and the mini garden is in bloom.

griff and garden

Pool time has commenced.

summer 2013

Summer Bible Study is underway.

summer bible study

And the contents of the kitchen have been slimmed down to include plenty of fruit and veggies for salads, cereal, chips and salsa, and wine. No cooking for this gal.

For at least two weeks, my brain becomes mush and so does my body. The workout schedule gets a bit sporadic as I find myself adjusting to the welcomed nothingness that summer brings to my life. Mindless television takes over my brain.

For the better part of the last 16 years my amazing family members all pitch in and take the boy of mine into their homes, feed him, care for him, put up with his shenanigans, and give this poor mama a break.

No, I don’t get to experience the full vacation of summer nothingness. Work continues, but it suffers for a those first couple of weeks. Please forgive my scatter-brainedness, co-workers. Pretty please.  I’ll resume sort of brain activity soon. I promise.

In the meantime if you want to discuss The Bachelorette, Fifteen and Pregnant, or any recent Lifetime movie…let’s talk! We can even do it over chips and salsa and a glass of wine.

Weekly workout change up…Prancercise?!

I’m considering incorporating a little Pracercise into this weeks workout plan. You know…just to change things up a bit.

Only thing is I may have to run by the store and grab a pair of ankle weights, white stir-up pants, and a can of Rave hairspray to get the full effect!

What’s on your workout plan this week?

PS. “Better to be punching into space, than in your face!”