Flailing arms and round booty’s

Post edit: Update made to the squat challenge.

“We can risk love or settle for the safety fear provides.”

My fear of swimming has kept me on the sidelines for a long time. I’m not even sure where this fear comes from considering I was a lifeguard during one late teenage summer. I can swim, enjoy the water, and love to be in and around water…but, when it comes to athletic swimming, my knees get weak.

Saturday, I took one small step toward my fear. And guess what? It wasn’t so bad. Not sure if I’m quite at the point of love, but at least I am not letting my fear hold me back from trying something new.


I even got pointers from a guy in the lane next to me. With the exception of a few technical things, he said I had a “nice stroke.” Then he went on to explain a few of the “technical” things including this wild arm thing I do every third stroke. What? Huh?! Oh well. Me and my flailing arm made it 40 minutes in the pool which came out to just a little more than a quarter mile swim. Sllloooooowwww goes it.

Tomorrow, me and my flailing arm will try again.

Wanna talk about round booty’s now? My sisters sent me a message this week that she was doing a 30 day Squat Challenge that was issued at her local gym. I may be 300 miles away, but I took up  her challenge.  This is super exciting because my booty is prone to wander from its youthful round state.  Here are the details:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  Day 1/20 Day 2/25 Day 3/30 Day 4/35 Day 5/40 Day 6/45
Day 7/50 Day 8/55 Day 9/60 Day 10/REST Day 11/65 Day 12/70 Day 13/75
Day 14/80 Day 15/85 Day 16/90 Day 17/95 Day 18/100 Day 19/100 Day 20/50
Day 21/55 Day 22/60 Day 23/100 Day 24/65 Day 25/70 Day 26/100 Day 27/REST
Day 28/80 Day 29/85 Day 30/90 Day 31/100       

There may or may not be before and after pictures at the end.  You’ll just have to stick around to see.

Want to join me on the squat challenge? We can make it a round booty party!


One thought on “Flailing arms and round booty’s

  1. […] in my soul for change. Unlike Linden, the desire is nowhere near spending my life underwater. Just read here if you don’t believe me. However, I have an intensifying interest to explore something new. […]

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