Barra- Barracudaaa!

Gosh there have been some beautiful sunsets around here lately. I caught a glimpse of the brilliant colors from the gym windows while I was struggling to get through one last set of medicine ball push ups. Killa! (The sunset and the push ups)

gym view of sunset

Since this picture doesn’t even come close to capturing the amazing evening sky, I’ll just move along and re-cap why I might be moving a little slow tomorrow.

Warm Up: 14 flights of stairs, 10 minutes on the bike

3 sets of 10 Lunge and curls with 8lb hand weights

3 sets of 10 Squat and press with 8lb hand weights

1 minute squat jumps…in which my legs crumbled under me at least three different time and I fell straight to the floor. Uggg..

10 minutes of speed work on the bike with a moderate load. This is where my power song that I didn’t even realize was a power song came on and pushed me onward. Ooooo….Barra-cuda!

3 sets of 12 Medicine ball push ups with the medicine ball under one hand and a wide arm position, push up and then roll the ball to the other side and repeat

3 x 1 minute Medicine ball plank

3 sets of 12 stability ball plan crunches in a plan position with ankles on a stability ball pull knees to chest rolling the ball in and out

3 sets of 15 old school sit up with a 15 lb medicine ball overhead

…and then I was tired. Sweaty and tired.

So, I’m curious about something. Do you have any good power songs? I’d love to add more to my playlists, but don’t have many identified as go to pick-me-ups. There are occasions mid-runs or workouts when a song comes on and I definitely feel a little hitch in my giddy up, but I don’t have them identified. I’d like to make a list of power songs so that I can be more intentional about my workout playlist. Here is where you come in…tell me your faves! I’m curious what gets you going when you really want to just lay on the floor and die?

PS. I heart Jerry McGuire.


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