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Adaptabilty and New Seasons

Adaptability is the ability to change to fit changed circumstances.

Overcoming an injury is probably one of the most frustrating things for an active person. Each and every time I am faced with re-visiting lessons on patience, perseverance, and adaptability. On Saturday mornings I sort my laundry and measure how the pile of athletic clothes stacks up to the rest. I’ll spare you the details on how the stinkiness factor weighs in this time. 🙂

Friends, I want you to know my athletic laundry pile looked pretty good this week.


If it’s been said once, it’s been said a thousand times…change is never easy. But, I would say that the hardest part of that is wrapping your head around the fact that there is a need for change. Once a person lifts their head out of the sand and realizes somethings gotta change, then the rest is gravy.

During week one post injury, my brain was still in the land of denial. Except for the fact that I could hardly walk straight without a painful reminder, I had not accepted the fact that for an extended period of time things would really need to look different. Yea yea, I got out and did a few things like swimming and more strength workouts, but it hadn’t really sunk in yet. So I mostly wandered around the gym with a pouty attitude, not finding much joy in the workouts.

Approached with a different perspective, week two post injury proved to be much more successful. I managed to get my heart rate up and squeeze in a few schweaty workouts on the elliptical this week. And just because we are having a winter intermission here in Texas, and it’s mid-60’s and B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L outside, I got in  5 miles of walking. Adapting is underway!

Guess what else is underway? Spring season for Girls on the Run in San Antonio kicks off  TO-DAY!! I’m super excited to begin my second season with this amazing organization. Here is a little glimpse of some of the beautiful faces from last season. If you know a girl who is between third and eighth grade or you are interested in volunteering with this program, please click the link above to learn more. It’s not to late to sign up for this season. Can’t wait to share more with you as the Spring unfolds!

gotr spring 2013GOTR shoe night


gotr 5K winners gotr practice 5k


Flailing arms and round booty’s

Post edit: Update made to the squat challenge.

“We can risk love or settle for the safety fear provides.”

My fear of swimming has kept me on the sidelines for a long time. I’m not even sure where this fear comes from considering I was a lifeguard during one late teenage summer. I can swim, enjoy the water, and love to be in and around water…but, when it comes to athletic swimming, my knees get weak.

Saturday, I took one small step toward my fear. And guess what? It wasn’t so bad. Not sure if I’m quite at the point of love, but at least I am not letting my fear hold me back from trying something new.


I even got pointers from a guy in the lane next to me. With the exception of a few technical things, he said I had a “nice stroke.” Then he went on to explain a few of the “technical” things including this wild arm thing I do every third stroke. What? Huh?! Oh well. Me and my flailing arm made it 40 minutes in the pool which came out to just a little more than a quarter mile swim. Sllloooooowwww goes it.

Tomorrow, me and my flailing arm will try again.

Wanna talk about round booty’s now? My sisters sent me a message this week that she was doing a 30 day Squat Challenge that was issued at her local gym. I may be 300 miles away, but I took up  her challenge.  This is super exciting because my booty is prone to wander from its youthful round state.  Here are the details:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  Day 1/20 Day 2/25 Day 3/30 Day 4/35 Day 5/40 Day 6/45
Day 7/50 Day 8/55 Day 9/60 Day 10/REST Day 11/65 Day 12/70 Day 13/75
Day 14/80 Day 15/85 Day 16/90 Day 17/95 Day 18/100 Day 19/100 Day 20/50
Day 21/55 Day 22/60 Day 23/100 Day 24/65 Day 25/70 Day 26/100 Day 27/REST
Day 28/80 Day 29/85 Day 30/90 Day 31/100       

There may or may not be before and after pictures at the end.  You’ll just have to stick around to see.

Want to join me on the squat challenge? We can make it a round booty party!

Weekly Breakfast Plan

The crockpot is crockin’ some oatmeal  and the oven is baking up a batch of granola bars at this very moment. I’m sitting on my haunches, watching a little Texans football and thinking about squeezing in a little post-game workout.

My breakfast usually consists of oatmeal, greek yogurt, and a piece of fruit. Traditionally, I’ve grabbed a packet of instant oatmeal and headed to the office where I could eat while I sadly waited AT LEAST the fifteen minutes it takes for my work computer to start-up and log in.  A couple of months ago, I decided to change it up a bit. So steel-cut oats found their way to my crockpot. And it was love from the get go.   

Crockpot Apple Cinnamon Steel Cut Oats

1 cup steel-cut oats

1 1/2 cup of almond milk

1 1/2 cup of water

3 Tbsp brown sugar

1/4 tsp. salt

2 tsp cinnamon

2 cored and chopped apples

Add everything to crockpot that has been sprayed with non-stick spray and cook on low for 6-7  hours. This recipe makes about 8 servings, which I re-heat during the week with a small tab of butter and a couple teaspoons of water. Perfect, quick, and easy breakfast on the run.

It’s smelling good in here. I think I need a snack.

Now, let’s talk about crockpots. Do you have one of those fancy digital timer ones?


I. do. not. It’s manual, two-speed all the way in mi casa, friends. How much would I love one of those fancy digital timer ones, though???

this much


An unwelcome and welcome start to 2013

Although I haven’t gotten around to completing my list of goals for 2013, I can tell you what WASN’T on the list. An injury. I had ideas for goals like completing an average of 30-40 miles per month, new PR’s for a 5K and a 10K, and finishing at least 10 races during the year. All of that is not completely out the window, but as of this week I am facing a 6-8 week set back. Ugghh..

It was not an ideal situation to find myself crumpled on the floor one step into a cardio class at the gym earlier this week. A pop in my upper left calf, followed my extreme swelling and tenderness had me believing I had a grade 3 calf strain or even worse, a rupture of the muscle. So  as much as I don’t want to have to deal with an injury, I am thankful that my diagnosis is only a ruptured plantaris tendon. Who ever heard of such a tendon? Not me and to find out it has no real function, created even more mixed feelings about this whole thing.


Anyway, if your curious about this mysterious tendon and it’s non-existent function, you can read more about it here. But, basically its common in tennis players and athletes over 40 years of age. Since I do not fit either of these categories, I am in a bit of denial. Although a good friend of mine reminded me on my birthday recently that I just entered my 40th year of life, I stand firm in the fact that I am not OVER the age of 40. At least I have youth on my side during the healing process. Maybe, just maybe that will help speed things along. Wink, wink.

What to do about cardio in the meantime? Attempting a triathlon has been on my to do list for a while, but am frightened to death of swimming. I went through a series of basic swim lessons when I was child and can get myself from the slide to the pool ladder like any casual swimmer. Athletic swimming though… it’s something I have never attempted. There is no time like the present to try something new. Right?!  I’ll let you know how that goes, friends. Within the next couple of weeks the pain should subside and the stationary bike will become my friend again.

Fingers crossed, I’ll be as lucky to make nice with the pool too. Any tips and tricks are welcome. Please, please post below. Now I am off to look up youtube videos on swimming techniques.

Barra- Barracudaaa!

Gosh there have been some beautiful sunsets around here lately. I caught a glimpse of the brilliant colors from the gym windows while I was struggling to get through one last set of medicine ball push ups. Killa! (The sunset and the push ups)

gym view of sunset

Since this picture doesn’t even come close to capturing the amazing evening sky, I’ll just move along and re-cap why I might be moving a little slow tomorrow.

Warm Up: 14 flights of stairs, 10 minutes on the bike

3 sets of 10 Lunge and curls with 8lb hand weights

3 sets of 10 Squat and press with 8lb hand weights

1 minute squat jumps…in which my legs crumbled under me at least three different time and I fell straight to the floor. Uggg..

10 minutes of speed work on the bike with a moderate load. This is where my power song that I didn’t even realize was a power song came on and pushed me onward. Ooooo….Barra-cuda!

3 sets of 12 Medicine ball push ups with the medicine ball under one hand and a wide arm position, push up and then roll the ball to the other side and repeat

3 x 1 minute Medicine ball plank

3 sets of 12 stability ball plan crunches in a plan position with ankles on a stability ball pull knees to chest rolling the ball in and out

3 sets of 15 old school sit up with a 15 lb medicine ball overhead

…and then I was tired. Sweaty and tired.

So, I’m curious about something. Do you have any good power songs? I’d love to add more to my playlists, but don’t have many identified as go to pick-me-ups. There are occasions mid-runs or workouts when a song comes on and I definitely feel a little hitch in my giddy up, but I don’t have them identified. I’d like to make a list of power songs so that I can be more intentional about my workout playlist. Here is where you come in…tell me your faves! I’m curious what gets you going when you really want to just lay on the floor and die?

PS. I heart Jerry McGuire.

2013 is here!

It’s been an interesting year, that 2012. As I reflect on life events from this last year, I am most happy to report that there was a lot of learning and growth happening. Of course, you know there is a direct correlations between periods of substantial growth and learning and THE most difficult times in life.  After closing the book on 2012, all I have to say about this is…true story, friends.


I’ve never been much of a resolution girl, but I do love the concept of the Gain Project from Special K. Although the focus for their campaign is weight loss, I love the concept and feel like it applies to life in general.  So, I am working on refining a list of goals for 2012 based on this idea. As soon as they are completed, I’ll post them. For now, I think number one should be something along the lines being a little more timely. Ahem…2013 goals for starters.

This years Christmas season was filled with much rest, relaxation, and time with family and friends. Believe it or not, even in the business of traveling and holiday fun I managed to log about 15 miles plus 1 crazy, tough spin class between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.  Which made me feel a little better about all those Christmas cookies I ate.

family 20121226-085647.jpg 20121226-085627.jpg 20121226-085317.jpg 20121226-085258.jpg stockyardsgaylord

If today has been any indication of the things to come this year, then I am sure it will be another good year with a few lessons along the way.  I’ve done a lot of reflecting and relaxing. Plus, I squeezed in a very nice run at the park. In fact, it turned out to be a record time for me. I’ll take that any day.

Now my black-eyed peas are simmering, the cabbage is cooking, and I want to believe I am well on my way to good luck and fortune in 2013.  I’ll let you know how that works out for me. Wink, wink.