A day of indulgence

My day began with breakfast treats that included a melt-in-your-mouth cream puff, pork tamales, chips and queso, and one more melt-in-your-mouth cream puff. I couldn’t stop. It was nothing less than,  a party in my mouth (phrase coined by dear friend who has as much of a passion for tasty food as I do)!!

I managed to get by lunch relatively unscathed, but those sweet people who provided such a glorious breakfast sent us on our merry way with chocolate treats. They were my afternoon indulgence.

A late afternoon lull convinced me that I did not have it in me to make it through that cardio-resistance class I had planned at the gym. Now, I am comfortable in my leggings with a full belly from the plate of lasagna I just ate and relaxing with a little vino watching terrible Christmas movies on Lifetime Movie Network.

I am blaming this wash of a day on the cream puffs. But, they were sooo worth it!

And so I am thankful for the 3.5 mile run on Sunday and the 2 miles and 20 minute core class from Monday. But, there is no room for slacking on workouts the rest of this week or I will definitely end up on the naughty list. So, the rest of the week looks something like this:

Wednesday- lunch time spin class

Thursday- lunch time strength class and post work run

Friday- lunch time run

Saturday- spin class

Sunday- run

On a more interesting note, Saturday was the end of the season Girls On The Run 5K and man… did we have fun!

Here is our team modeling their finishers medals with each of their running buddies!

gotr 5k run

Their smiles tell such a sweet story. The little lady to the left was my running buddy this year. She’s an amazing girl with a beautiful soul and all she wanted to do was hold my hand the entire run. About mile 2.5 she looked up at me and said, “you know why I like running with you? because you encourage me to keep going.”  My heart melted, but only because she has NO idea how SHE has been the one to encourage. In some very real times of need this season, her tenacious and lively spirit has lifted me up beyond anything I could ever imagine. From the bottom of my heart, I love that girl!

On a closing note, I think I’ll have a Christmas cookie now because if I started with cream puffs, I might as well end with cookies.

Griffin and his girlfriend made some tasty treats the other night.

christmas cookies!

Although, they look a little more like Halloween treats, they will do.

scary christmas cookie


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