Deep Down

Today I returned a call to a business associate and left a voice mail that ended with, “just give me a holler when you can.”


It was a surreal moment that felt suspended in time. As the words flowed from my mouth I simultaneously realized what I was saying. I was both appalled and amused at the same time.

I could ask where that came from, but I know. Oh, I know full well where it came from. My deep southeast Texas roots surfaced. They were not consciously summoned but that was no matter.

It’s funny how things like that happen. Before you know it you’ve done something or said something from
ye ‘ole days. In those moments I tend to reflect on the journey that landed me where I am today.

In the case of my grammar journey it includes a nagging mom and some insanely strict English teachers…oh the painful days of my sophomore English teacher, Ms. Gonzales. Through clenched teeth I utter a thank you. Because without you I might be leaving everyone voice mails that say “give me a holler,” and not even think twice.

While the twang in my voice is a dead give away that I am a Southeast Texas girl and my written skills are far from perfect, I’m sure everyone I work with and leave voice mails for also thanks you.


Image from Flickr by Katherine Sackreiter.


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