I ran San Fran!

Friday morning, I headed down to the waterfront in San Francisco and knocked out 10+ miles. It was a brisk, beautiful morning and I couldn’t help but stop and snap a few pics along the way. This way you can join me on my run and don’t have to worry about having tired legs at the end.

The adventure began at the Ferry Building.

When in San Francisco, do as the locals do and become a Giant’s fan, right?! Doesn’t hurt that they were playing World Series games down the street. So, as any loyal Giant’s fan would do I headed up to AT&T Park before making my way back South the Golden Gate.

One lone sailboat was hanging out in McCovey Cove. I couldn’t help but imagine how cool it would be to sit on the edge of a boat, listening to the sounds of the game with the smell of salt air mixed with popcorn and hotdogs, waiting for a “splash hit” to come flying out of the stadium.

After a run around the park, I headed back south and made a stop around the five mile mark. At this point in the run, I was feeling great and had a view of Golden Gate in the distance.

Believe it or not there were a couple of swimmers out in the bay. Great weather for running, but swimming…..I think not!



As I came around to Crissy Field, I stopped for just a moment to ponder what it would be like to run these hills regularly. When I moved from the flat lands of Houston to San Antonio, I thought I’d never conquer the incline of my neighborhood route. But the inclines look like Mountains compared to San Antonio. Kudo’s to you locals that do it! I’d die if it were me. Yep, those hills would definitely be the death of me.

As much as I dislike self portraits, I snapped one around mile 7.5 at East Beach with a Cheshire cat, cheesy grin that says…I’m getting cloooooose!

A stop by the Warming Hut just a little further down for a Gatorade was just the ticket to get through the last couple of miles. I really wasn’t feeling too tired at this point until I took a look at the stairs leading up to the bridge.


But, I made it to the top of those stairs and what an amazing view of the Bay. I poured every bit of energy I had into the remaining part of the run. My legs were starting to cramp up, so I stretched one or twice but opted to just enjoy the views and not worry about pictures until the return trip on the bridge.

RunTracker tracked a little more than 10 miles, but somehow it paused for a mile or two at the mid-point. Since the half is just a couple of weeks away and my training has been under par with the knee problems, I was quite pleased.


After a quick clean up at the local YMCA, it was time for some girl time in wine country. Thank you, YMCA and San Francisco for your great hospitality!!


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