Born to _________: No Plan B

From the first time my dad ever sang Brown-Eyed Girl to me as a child, I was hooked on Van Morrison. Lately I’ve been obsessed with the new Van Morrison CD, Born to Sing: No plan B. I love that Van has never banked on a plan B. That man was born to sing and he let’s nothing get in the way of his passion. What a life?! I’m such a planner, that there is hardly ever a time when I don’t have a plan B in the back of my mind. If this was your song, what would you be born to do?


Thankfully I have not had to resort to Plan  B for my training. This weeks workouts went a little like this…

Saturday I decided a slow, easy, short jog was a good place to start. I got in about 2.5 miles. My legs were heavy, my breathing off, and I left there in a real funk.

Sunday I had made a complete 360 mentally from the day before and drove over to the park where I typically do long runs. My knee was nearly pain free and I had high hopes of getting in a nice, easy, loooong run. After a nice chat with some fellow runner I headed out and managed to double the run from the day before and finish up a 5 miler.

Monday I just shot guns and watched pigs race. That’s all.


Tuesday I sat on my bum and admired my new shoes!

Wednesday was the day to break in the new shoes. Running felt awkward for about the first half mile, then I settled in and finished up a strong 4 miles in 37:37. That’s a 9:40 pace, which is what I was striving for before my knee started bothering me. Although it was a good pace for me, it was tough. I could feel that my breathing was off and labored and my endurance has certainly suffered over the last few weeks. But there is no time for slacking now.

Thursday was a quick gym workout. I only had about 35 minutes, so after a 10 minute warm up on the bike, I headed out for two sets of the following workout. I followed it up with about 7-8 minutes of intense ab work with an 8lb medicine ball.

  1. Assited dips – 8
  2. Assisted pull-ups – 8
  3. Tri-cep pull downs – 10
  4. Overhead tri-cep press – 10
  5. Weighted (10lbs) one leg dead lifts – 8
  6. Squat with overhead bidep press (10 lbs) – 10
  7. REPEAT!

Sometimes short and sweet workouts are all I have time for these days!

Friday was a three mile run followed by a good stretch session.

Plan Half Marathon Training is back in full effect. Today I am believing that I WAS BORN TO RUN!


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