First things first…

No surgery required!! I got my MRI results on Thursday and there is no meniscus tear, which means no need for invasive procedures that would keep me from running the race in November. However, there was mucho inflammation in the tissues of my knee, which were basically being aggravated every time I’d run preventing the inflammation from ever going down. I could get into all of the medical jargon here, but I love similes and the doc used a great one.  Simply put, its  like biting the inside of your mouth and how it takes forever for it to heal because once its swollen it gets in the way of your teeth and you chomp down on it every time you chew something in that area. Basically I just kept pinching the swollen tissues between the bones over and over.

The fix- a cortisone shot, ice, anti-inflammatories, two more days rest and then I could resume my training. I could have kissed that guy when he delivered the news! But it wasn’t long before those feelings dissipated. No one mentioned that things might get worse before they got better.

I left the office with a fluid filled stiff knee. The injection created a strange sensation of tightness that the doc said would relieve itself as the cortisone absorbed. But by the time I got home from work and GOTR and settled down on the sofa the stiffness had turned into pain. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the worst I was probably at about a 7 at this point. I iced, took some ibuprofen and tried to sleep. At 2:30am the pain was excruciating, definitely a 1o. I was lying ion my bed nautious from the pain and hating life. It was definitely one of those moments “what the heck have I done” moments. I quickly googled adverse reactions to cortisone injections and found that I was experiencing all symptoms of a cortisone flare. This condition sometimes occurs 24-48 hours post injection and creates intense pain and swelling which makes people consider cutting off their leg. And that’s the truth.

So the only thing I could do was get a fresh ice pack and cry, wait the 48 hours and cry some more.

This morning I sit here with just the slight tinge of pain directly at the injection site, but am hopeful to eek out a run later today. There is lots of catching up to do between now and race day. Game on!

Now that we have discussed that let’s get down to some important things. This week Girls On the Run celebrated their Sweet 16 birthday! Do these girls not just capture your hearts with their smiles?


Oh man…with each visit they wrap tighter and tighter around my heart. This week we had amazing conversation about girls and their feelings. Boy, oh boy. These girls displayed exactly how comfortable and safe they feel at our meetings by bringing up some deeeep topics. It was definitely a sweet time for the sweet 16!

Two more weeks and I will be traveling on a work trip. Northern California here we come! On my list of fun things to do while in town is run the Golden Gate Bridge! Since I have the all clear from the doc, I am even more excited. From what I have read it should be around 7 miles round trip. My co-workers think I am crazy, but I can’t think of a better way to experience San Francisco.

Traveling for work can become quite a nuisance for staying on task with a training plan. But, I am starting to realize that squeezing in a run tour or two when out of town allows me to see the sites in a very unique way. I am interested in knowing what other people do. Dreadmills are usually available in all the hotels, but they are just that…dreaded. How do you squeeze in your workouts when you travel?


One thought on “First things first…

  1. Janee says:

    I’m so sorry you had to go through that with your knee! Omg… But, I’m happy for you that you don’t have to have surgery. Hope you’ll be pain-free very soon!

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