The thigh bones connected to the…knee bone

Ughhh…the knee. It’s still a problem. The Dr. has ordered an MRI, but seemed to feel strongly that I could have a torn miniscus or a stress fracture. I wasted no time to do my webMD research and found that a stress fracture is the lesser of the two evils.

I’m totally lost in my training. This gal is a creature of habit and while I am learning to be more flexible with change as I get older, I am no expert on the subject. Sudden changes throw me for a loop. This loop landed me on my sofa for a couple of days before I finally forced myself to a spin class Saturday morning.  

And then I came home and iced my knee.







Nothing makes for a better ice pack than frozen veggies.

Only six more weeks until race day! Time is flying by and I am getting a little nervous about how well trained I will be for this event. Until I get further instruction, I have a plan  to spend as much time as possible in spin class to keep up my endurance alternating in strength training.







Other than the endurance preperation, I am working to raise money to support the American Cancer Society. Our team has a goal of raising a little over $15,000 and we have already met 51% of our goal. You can help us meet the entire goal by supporting my fundraising efforts here, EVERY donation is welcome and NO denomination is too small!! Thanks for all of your support!!!

The American Cancer Society combines a never-ending passion with the wisdom of nearly a century of experience to save lives by helping you stay well, helping you get well, by finding cures, and fighting back. Learn more at
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