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I ran San Fran!

Friday morning, I headed down to the waterfront in San Francisco and knocked out 10+ miles. It was a brisk, beautiful morning and I couldn’t help but stop and snap a few pics along the way. This way you can join me on my run and don’t have to worry about having tired legs at the end.

The adventure began at the Ferry Building.

When in San Francisco, do as the locals do and become a Giant’s fan, right?! Doesn’t hurt that they were playing World Series games down the street. So, as any loyal Giant’s fan would do I headed up to AT&T Park before making my way back South the Golden Gate.

One lone sailboat was hanging out in McCovey Cove. I couldn’t help but imagine how cool it would be to sit on the edge of a boat, listening to the sounds of the game with the smell of salt air mixed with popcorn and hotdogs, waiting for a “splash hit” to come flying out of the stadium.

After a run around the park, I headed back south and made a stop around the five mile mark. At this point in the run, I was feeling great and had a view of Golden Gate in the distance.

Believe it or not there were a couple of swimmers out in the bay. Great weather for running, but swimming…..I think not!



As I came around to Crissy Field, I stopped for just a moment to ponder what it would be like to run these hills regularly. When I moved from the flat lands of Houston to San Antonio, I thought I’d never conquer the incline of my neighborhood route. But the inclines look like Mountains compared to San Antonio. Kudo’s to you locals that do it! I’d die if it were me. Yep, those hills would definitely be the death of me.

As much as I dislike self portraits, I snapped one around mile 7.5 at East Beach with a Cheshire cat, cheesy grin that says…I’m getting cloooooose!

A stop by the Warming Hut just a little further down for a Gatorade was just the ticket to get through the last couple of miles. I really wasn’t feeling too tired at this point until I took a look at the stairs leading up to the bridge.


But, I made it to the top of those stairs and what an amazing view of the Bay. I poured every bit of energy I had into the remaining part of the run. My legs were starting to cramp up, so I stretched one or twice but opted to just enjoy the views and not worry about pictures until the return trip on the bridge.

RunTracker tracked a little more than 10 miles, but somehow it paused for a mile or two at the mid-point. Since the half is just a couple of weeks away and my training has been under par with the knee problems, I was quite pleased.


After a quick clean up at the local YMCA, it was time for some girl time in wine country. Thank you, YMCA and San Francisco for your great hospitality!!


Hello from Sunny California!

The California sky at lunch was as beautiful as I’ve ever seen.

My body is still on Texas time though so I was up before the sun. I hit the streets for an early morning jog and watched the sun rise just as I was finishing up an easy three miles.

Tomorrow’s plan is the same with a rest day planned for Thursday. On Friday I will head down to San Francisco for a nice long run along The Embarcadero, through Aquatic Park and on down to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sunday I scoped out part of the run but we didn’t get very close to the bridge. Only caught a brief glimpse at sunset but crossing my fingers for some good views in Friday.


Born to _________: No Plan B

From the first time my dad ever sang Brown-Eyed Girl to me as a child, I was hooked on Van Morrison. Lately I’ve been obsessed with the new Van Morrison CD, Born to Sing: No plan B. I love that Van has never banked on a plan B. That man was born to sing and he let’s nothing get in the way of his passion. What a life?! I’m such a planner, that there is hardly ever a time when I don’t have a plan B in the back of my mind. If this was your song, what would you be born to do?


Thankfully I have not had to resort to Plan  B for my training. This weeks workouts went a little like this…

Saturday I decided a slow, easy, short jog was a good place to start. I got in about 2.5 miles. My legs were heavy, my breathing off, and I left there in a real funk.

Sunday I had made a complete 360 mentally from the day before and drove over to the park where I typically do long runs. My knee was nearly pain free and I had high hopes of getting in a nice, easy, loooong run. After a nice chat with some fellow runner I headed out and managed to double the run from the day before and finish up a 5 miler.

Monday I just shot guns and watched pigs race. That’s all.


Tuesday I sat on my bum and admired my new shoes!

Wednesday was the day to break in the new shoes. Running felt awkward for about the first half mile, then I settled in and finished up a strong 4 miles in 37:37. That’s a 9:40 pace, which is what I was striving for before my knee started bothering me. Although it was a good pace for me, it was tough. I could feel that my breathing was off and labored and my endurance has certainly suffered over the last few weeks. But there is no time for slacking now.

Thursday was a quick gym workout. I only had about 35 minutes, so after a 10 minute warm up on the bike, I headed out for two sets of the following workout. I followed it up with about 7-8 minutes of intense ab work with an 8lb medicine ball.

  1. Assited dips – 8
  2. Assisted pull-ups – 8
  3. Tri-cep pull downs – 10
  4. Overhead tri-cep press – 10
  5. Weighted (10lbs) one leg dead lifts – 8
  6. Squat with overhead bidep press (10 lbs) – 10
  7. REPEAT!

Sometimes short and sweet workouts are all I have time for these days!

Friday was a three mile run followed by a good stretch session.

Plan Half Marathon Training is back in full effect. Today I am believing that I WAS BORN TO RUN!

First things first…

No surgery required!! I got my MRI results on Thursday and there is no meniscus tear, which means no need for invasive procedures that would keep me from running the race in November. However, there was mucho inflammation in the tissues of my knee, which were basically being aggravated every time I’d run preventing the inflammation from ever going down. I could get into all of the medical jargon here, but I love similes and the doc used a great one.  Simply put, its  like biting the inside of your mouth and how it takes forever for it to heal because once its swollen it gets in the way of your teeth and you chomp down on it every time you chew something in that area. Basically I just kept pinching the swollen tissues between the bones over and over.

The fix- a cortisone shot, ice, anti-inflammatories, two more days rest and then I could resume my training. I could have kissed that guy when he delivered the news! But it wasn’t long before those feelings dissipated. No one mentioned that things might get worse before they got better.

I left the office with a fluid filled stiff knee. The injection created a strange sensation of tightness that the doc said would relieve itself as the cortisone absorbed. But by the time I got home from work and GOTR and settled down on the sofa the stiffness had turned into pain. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the worst I was probably at about a 7 at this point. I iced, took some ibuprofen and tried to sleep. At 2:30am the pain was excruciating, definitely a 1o. I was lying ion my bed nautious from the pain and hating life. It was definitely one of those moments “what the heck have I done” moments. I quickly googled adverse reactions to cortisone injections and found that I was experiencing all symptoms of a cortisone flare. This condition sometimes occurs 24-48 hours post injection and creates intense pain and swelling which makes people consider cutting off their leg. And that’s the truth.

So the only thing I could do was get a fresh ice pack and cry, wait the 48 hours and cry some more.

This morning I sit here with just the slight tinge of pain directly at the injection site, but am hopeful to eek out a run later today. There is lots of catching up to do between now and race day. Game on!

Now that we have discussed that let’s get down to some important things. This week Girls On the Run celebrated their Sweet 16 birthday! Do these girls not just capture your hearts with their smiles?


Oh man…with each visit they wrap tighter and tighter around my heart. This week we had amazing conversation about girls and their feelings. Boy, oh boy. These girls displayed exactly how comfortable and safe they feel at our meetings by bringing up some deeeep topics. It was definitely a sweet time for the sweet 16!

Two more weeks and I will be traveling on a work trip. Northern California here we come! On my list of fun things to do while in town is run the Golden Gate Bridge! Since I have the all clear from the doc, I am even more excited. From what I have read it should be around 7 miles round trip. My co-workers think I am crazy, but I can’t think of a better way to experience San Francisco.

Traveling for work can become quite a nuisance for staying on task with a training plan. But, I am starting to realize that squeezing in a run tour or two when out of town allows me to see the sites in a very unique way. I am interested in knowing what other people do. Dreadmills are usually available in all the hotels, but they are just that…dreaded. How do you squeeze in your workouts when you travel?

…and then I don’t feel so bad!!

The workout’s since my last post have been slim to none. However I’ll give you a brief re-cap and follow it up with a lot of excuses about why they are nearly obsolete. And then I’ll whine a little about how I don’t feel good when I’m not working out.

Wednesday October 3rd I ran three miles on a hotel treadmill. Although against Dr.’s orders, it felt great! Until I got off and my knee nearly buckled under me. Oops.

Thursday, October 4th Rest Day*

Friday, October 5th Rest Day*

Saturday, October 6th Rest Day*

Sunday, October 7th Again I ignored docotor orders and went for a 4 mile run. It was all in the name of glorious fall weather! We don’t get much in this part of Texas, so it’s hard to pass up.

Monday, October 8th 1 Mile treadmill warm up, 30 minute Core Conditioning Class (<–Killer), 20 minutes of arm strength

Tuesday, October 9th Girls On The Run!! (GOTR) This is more or less a day for exercising my soul!!

*This is where I’m going to try and justify those REST DAY’s with excuses. I was out of town on a business trip. My two best girlfriends in all of the world live in the city where I was visiting and I couldn’t pass up time with them. REST DAY sounds so much better than I just didn’t make the time to get it done.

Enough of the excuses and if you’ve stuck around to get this far, I’ll give you a pass on the whining. You can thank me later, friends.

Speaking of friends…


The top picture was taken….oh, somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 years ago. O.M.G. We don’t get to take many pictures together anymore because we are so busy taking pictures with our kids; see the picture in the lower left corner. Happily I can tell you that the picture in the right corner is current! Sadly, I have just posted one picture of my 18 year old self next to a picture of my 38 year old self. This is not sitting well with me…and here begins the whining. But, when I scroll to the top of this post and look at even my “slim to none” workout schedule, I realize I am doing things now that I never could would have chosen to do then. And then I don’t feel so bad.  

This really is the first time I think I’ve ever taken a look at current, more mature self next to my younger self. (I like to think I am mature, anyhow.) Have you pulled out some old photos and put them side by side? If you haven’t you should do this and then share them with the world in a blog post. I wanna see!

The thigh bones connected to the…knee bone

Ughhh…the knee. It’s still a problem. The Dr. has ordered an MRI, but seemed to feel strongly that I could have a torn miniscus or a stress fracture. I wasted no time to do my webMD research and found that a stress fracture is the lesser of the two evils.

I’m totally lost in my training. This gal is a creature of habit and while I am learning to be more flexible with change as I get older, I am no expert on the subject. Sudden changes throw me for a loop. This loop landed me on my sofa for a couple of days before I finally forced myself to a spin class Saturday morning.  

And then I came home and iced my knee.







Nothing makes for a better ice pack than frozen veggies.

Only six more weeks until race day! Time is flying by and I am getting a little nervous about how well trained I will be for this event. Until I get further instruction, I have a plan  to spend as much time as possible in spin class to keep up my endurance alternating in strength training.







Other than the endurance preperation, I am working to raise money to support the American Cancer Society. Our team has a goal of raising a little over $15,000 and we have already met 51% of our goal. You can help us meet the entire goal by supporting my fundraising efforts here, EVERY donation is welcome and NO denomination is too small!! Thanks for all of your support!!!

The American Cancer Society combines a never-ending passion with the wisdom of nearly a century of experience to save lives by helping you stay well, helping you get well, by finding cures, and fighting back. Learn more at
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