“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”  Henry David Thoreau
My life looks nothing at this moment, like I had imagined years ago. Simply put, I lacked the confidence that I needed to go after those dreams when I was younger. It’s great to be in a place now where I can look back and see that as  I have embraced confidence in myself and who I was created to be, more and more of the dreams I have imagined are unfolding. A little later in life than I would have liked…but who’s complaining?
This last week of no running started to take its toll. I couldn’t stand it any longer. My body was getting restless and my mind even more restless, so I slipped on the running shoes and headed out for a run yesterday afternoon.   It was no surprise to me that my first split was much faster than my usual. It felt good to get out and go, so I went!
Mile 1 was 8:49, Mile 2 was 9:40, and Mile 3 was 9:45.
Although it was freeing to get out and run and my mind seemed to settle down a bit, it wasn’t pain-free. Bummer. (And now, I’m dreaming of a pain-free run.)

Over the weekend, I did an ab burning workout at home (<–because I dream of having a six-pack one day) and then went for another 2 mile barefoot walk in the grass with my pard’ner. Yeehaw!


She’s not much of a runner, but she enjoys a nice stroll every now and then.


 “What kind of stroll was this, mom? It took longer than 15 minutes. Please take me home, feed me, and let me take a nap because I want to dream about chasing squirrels and eating fireworks. Now.”

 I couldn’t get my shoes on fast enough.

Even though I took a running break this last week, the pain in my knee is not gone. Seems I might have to go beyond webMD this week and see a real Dr. since I still have 7 weeks to race day. By the way, we need to discuss this race thing. It’s why I run these days.  Next post…everything you ever wanted to know about how you can support me and the American Cancer Society!!

I’m dreaming of a cancer free world, Henry. How about you? If you had a cup of coffee with Mr. Thoreau, what  would you tell him of your dreams? Are you dreaming of world peace or six-pack abs?  


Go confidently …


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