Second day soreness…

…seriously set in today. The after effects of Wednesday’s strength workout have me wincing with almost every move I make. Eek.

On top of that, my core got an extra
hit last night at the driving range. Friends took me out for my first official lesson. Between the hour long session on stance and twisting at my core in a bent over position and the laughter, I should have a full blown six pack now. Ha!

Honestly though, I had no idea there was so much work involved in a golf swing.

My favorite take-aways…

1. Be efficient, otherwise you have to make unnecessary “gyrations” to get back to where you should have been to start with.
2. Although all 10 fingers are on the club, you only grip with 5. Huh?
3. Stay bent over, twist at the core, turn your back to your target, but keep your eye on the ball and don’t drop your shoulder. Try this now. Contortionist can’t do this, y’all.
4. Chicken wing! Chicken wing! Chicken wing!
5. Golf is a full force body sport. You can’t be dainty. Ladies are often dainty. Michelle Obama is the exception.
6. My favorite- Don’t think!!! Yea right.

Before the night was over, I actually started to hit the ball. I have a little practice to do…especially on the not thinking part.

As instructed, I have rested these weary legs today. However, I am starting to get ancy. I would love to get a good run in tomorrow, but yoga is on the agenda instead. How about you?


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