How do you know?

when you are in something you have to give it all you have or else what are you doing?

How do you know has been in the Starz lineup for about 3 months now. I’ve watched it so many times that I could definitely quote along. This weekend it got me to thinking about how I know running is a good fit for me. Especially after my Saturday run.

The plan was to get up Saturday morning and meet up with my training team at 6:30am for this weekends long run. I slapped the snooze button hard at 5:45am and dozed back off until nearly 6:30am. Once I finally had a cup of coffee in me I headed over to Crownridge park where the team had planned to meet. I thought I’d say a quick hello as they were wrapping up their run on my way out. No such luck though.

Not a sole was around that I recognized so I headed out for a beautiful run at a very pleasant 66 degree temperature. The run ended at 8 miles, a mile short of my planned distance because I ran into the coach afterall! He was waiting for three other ladies to finish up a 16 mile run. While I’m totally impressed with the work they did, I learned that swapping my 8 mile war stories with theirs made me feel like a total wimp. Lesson learned…get up and run with the early crew. Ha!

Here is the crazy thing, my pace was almost a minute slower than last weeks. I blame it on the hills and hormones. And maybe a little on the Whataburger from the night before.

After this less than amazing run, I came to the conclusion that my perseverance is where I give it my all. Every run may not be my best performance but I keep putting on my run skirts, lacing up
my shoes and heading back out there over and over.

Speaking of run skirts, Friday I treated myself to a new run skirt.

It was a cheapie from Target and
I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it turned out not so bad after all. There was only a small key pocket that made carrying fuel a bit tricky. I’ll probably save it for shorter runs in the future.

Pooch update; she’s alive and well! Although, she doesn’t think so highly of being reacquainted with her crate.



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