Fireworks, oh my!!

Over the weekend, my sweet dog decided to graze her way through the lower level of my kitchen pantry. She helped herself to a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips, a package of shot blocks, some paper plates, and red pepper flakes. She did however decide not to finish off those red pepper flakes and left the mess of them scattered all over the floor. I can’t imagine why?  I found her bouncing off the walls and desperately panting; waiting for someone to refill her water bowl. And fill it again. And again.



Fast forward to today…apparently she decided to expand her pallet a little further. She ate a package of 20 M100 firecrackers that she found in a closet. Tonight, sweet Dr. McGlothlin is introducing her to charcoal. I’m sure she is wishing she would have just stuck to her boring old dog food right about now. 

This whole incident almost got in the way of my run, but I made it out to meet up with the girls just in the nick of time. We managed to knock out a little less than 4 miles this evening. Although the temps have warmed up since earlier in the week, it was overcast and comfortable with a slight breeze. In spite of earlier events, it ended up being just the thing I needed to de-stress from the day.

Sunday was the long run, which incidently turned out to be pretty darn good by my standards. Monday ended up being a rest day, and Tuesday was strength and speed drills at the gym. Overall training is moving along swimmingly. Only, I’m not sure I can use the word swimmingly when I am talking about running. Or can I?


2 thoughts on “Fireworks, oh my!!

  1. Oh my goodness. I hope your sweet little pooch is ok and the charcoal does it’s work.

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