Labor Day Love

Our camping trip turned out to be an incredibly fun and memory making weekend. We did all the normal camping things…sleep in a tent, swim in the spring fed swimming hole, and roast hot dogs and marshmallows over an open flame.

By the time we got home Sunday evening, I was already starting to feel some muscle soreness from all of the walking, boulder climbing, and swimming. It’s my choice to believe that none of that has to do with my age. Nothing to with it at all.

Today’s “stretch and strength” workout consisted of Yoga X at casa de Amy. It was a much-needed stretch session.

If you look closely, you can see my dog passed out on her bed in the back corner. While I yoga’d, she snoozded. But, I’m pretty sure she was dreaming of yoga.

After my at home yoga session, I loaded up Griffin and his friend and took them out to a local park for some bike riding. It was a nice afternoon for a walk, which is something I rarely ever do. I enjoyed just strolling for a while, but then found my self walking faster and faster. It just made me giggle thinking about how automatic it is for my body to be moving in a run motion, that I can hardly even just go for a walk.

Happy Labor Day to you all!


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