Long weekend. Not so long run. Camping trip.

Friday was a total bust. Since I was off work and had nothing planned to do for the day, I really have no good excuse. So, I will refrain from some long, drawn out story full of sad excuses that justify my stationary position on the sofa all day long.

But, after two days off I had NO excuse this morning but to get up and go. So I got up and went. It was a muggy 82 degrees outside that felt more like 100. But, I knocked out a slow and steady 5 mile run around the neighborhood. I feel confident that if I had made it to the park, I would have run a little further. But, the elevation in my neighborhood is much more intense than the relatively flat park.

Saturday long runs should be up to about 8 miles right now, so I slacking just a little. However, I completed 8 miles three weeks ago, followed by 2 weekends of no long runs. So, I’m not beating myself up over this at all. I feel accomplished.

We are off to an overnight camping trip at Krause Springs. Are you doing anything fun for the long weekend?


2 thoughts on “Long weekend. Not so long run. Camping trip.

  1. Janee says:

    Hey girl– I think you should feel very accomplished! I’m in Ohio this weekend visiting Lyndsey. Jordan drove up from Nashville, so the three of us are hanging out. Yes, you should feel very accomplished… We haven’t done too much except ‘hang out’. You are positively totally WAY accomplished compared to us!

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