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“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”  Henry David Thoreau
My life looks nothing at this moment, like I had imagined years ago. Simply put, I lacked the confidence that I needed to go after those dreams when I was younger. It’s great to be in a place now where I can look back and see that as  I have embraced confidence in myself and who I was created to be, more and more of the dreams I have imagined are unfolding. A little later in life than I would have liked…but who’s complaining?
This last week of no running started to take its toll. I couldn’t stand it any longer. My body was getting restless and my mind even more restless, so I slipped on the running shoes and headed out for a run yesterday afternoon.   It was no surprise to me that my first split was much faster than my usual. It felt good to get out and go, so I went!
Mile 1 was 8:49, Mile 2 was 9:40, and Mile 3 was 9:45.
Although it was freeing to get out and run and my mind seemed to settle down a bit, it wasn’t pain-free. Bummer. (And now, I’m dreaming of a pain-free run.)

Over the weekend, I did an ab burning workout at home (<–because I dream of having a six-pack one day) and then went for another 2 mile barefoot walk in the grass with my pard’ner. Yeehaw!


She’s not much of a runner, but she enjoys a nice stroll every now and then.


 “What kind of stroll was this, mom? It took longer than 15 minutes. Please take me home, feed me, and let me take a nap because I want to dream about chasing squirrels and eating fireworks. Now.”

 I couldn’t get my shoes on fast enough.

Even though I took a running break this last week, the pain in my knee is not gone. Seems I might have to go beyond webMD this week and see a real Dr. since I still have 7 weeks to race day. By the way, we need to discuss this race thing. It’s why I run these days.  Next post…everything you ever wanted to know about how you can support me and the American Cancer Society!!

I’m dreaming of a cancer free world, Henry. How about you? If you had a cup of coffee with Mr. Thoreau, what  would you tell him of your dreams? Are you dreaming of world peace or six-pack abs?  


Go confidently …


Hope, Inspiration, Love, Courage

Have you seen this? It’s a beautiful story of love, commitment, strength, and courage. Grab a Kleenex…or maybe the whole box.

A Love Story in 22 Pictures

Second day soreness…

…seriously set in today. The after effects of Wednesday’s strength workout have me wincing with almost every move I make. Eek.

On top of that, my core got an extra
hit last night at the driving range. Friends took me out for my first official lesson. Between the hour long session on stance and twisting at my core in a bent over position and the laughter, I should have a full blown six pack now. Ha!

Honestly though, I had no idea there was so much work involved in a golf swing.

My favorite take-aways…

1. Be efficient, otherwise you have to make unnecessary “gyrations” to get back to where you should have been to start with.
2. Although all 10 fingers are on the club, you only grip with 5. Huh?
3. Stay bent over, twist at the core, turn your back to your target, but keep your eye on the ball and don’t drop your shoulder. Try this now. Contortionist can’t do this, y’all.
4. Chicken wing! Chicken wing! Chicken wing!
5. Golf is a full force body sport. You can’t be dainty. Ladies are often dainty. Michelle Obama is the exception.
6. My favorite- Don’t think!!! Yea right.

Before the night was over, I actually started to hit the ball. I have a little practice to do…especially on the not thinking part.

As instructed, I have rested these weary legs today. However, I am starting to get ancy. I would love to get a good run in tomorrow, but yoga is on the agenda instead. How about you?

Wiped out on a Wednesday

This was me just about an hour ago. Beat. We still had abs to go.

But, I’m not complaining. At least not yet anyway. Check back with me tomorrow and I’ll let you know if I still feel the same way.

Yesterday I went out with some hesitation for a track workout. Hesitation for two reasons. 1.) Who likes track workouts? I mean really, run so fast you feel like you want to puke, slow down for a bit, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. You get the picture. 2.) My nagging knee problem has re-surfaced and it made those repeats even less appealing.

There is this part of me that likes to deny that I might have a real injury. I’ll just push through the pain or pretend it’s not there sometimes. But, I reluctantly decided after the warm up to let the coach in on my little pain issue. I’m benched from running for the week. Only strength workouts allowed until Tuesday and then I get to jump right back on the horse with a Tuesday track workout. Yippee! <–said with much sarcasm. So after receiving the news, he advised I take off my shoes and socks and walk on the grass inside the track until workout time was up. This was interesting. I’m pretty sure I haven’t done that much barefoot grass walking since I was 10. Strangely, when I put my shoes back on to leave, I could really feel a difference. I’m not quite sure how to describe the feeling, but it was good. Good enough that I might make this a more regular habit. Anyone want to come walk barefoot in the grass with me?

On Sunday I roasted a chicken that was delish! While it was filling my house with the most delectable fragrance, I began to wonder if I loved the smell of a chicken roasting more than I loved the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking.

I  decided the only way to figure this out was to make a both. The verdict- I couldn’t decide. I feel that I will have to repeat this experiment again, and again, and again before I can come to an accurate conclusion.

How do you know?

when you are in something you have to give it all you have or else what are you doing?

How do you know has been in the Starz lineup for about 3 months now. I’ve watched it so many times that I could definitely quote along. This weekend it got me to thinking about how I know running is a good fit for me. Especially after my Saturday run.

The plan was to get up Saturday morning and meet up with my training team at 6:30am for this weekends long run. I slapped the snooze button hard at 5:45am and dozed back off until nearly 6:30am. Once I finally had a cup of coffee in me I headed over to Crownridge park where the team had planned to meet. I thought I’d say a quick hello as they were wrapping up their run on my way out. No such luck though.

Not a sole was around that I recognized so I headed out for a beautiful run at a very pleasant 66 degree temperature. The run ended at 8 miles, a mile short of my planned distance because I ran into the coach afterall! He was waiting for three other ladies to finish up a 16 mile run. While I’m totally impressed with the work they did, I learned that swapping my 8 mile war stories with theirs made me feel like a total wimp. Lesson learned…get up and run with the early crew. Ha!

Here is the crazy thing, my pace was almost a minute slower than last weeks. I blame it on the hills and hormones. And maybe a little on the Whataburger from the night before.

After this less than amazing run, I came to the conclusion that my perseverance is where I give it my all. Every run may not be my best performance but I keep putting on my run skirts, lacing up
my shoes and heading back out there over and over.

Speaking of run skirts, Friday I treated myself to a new run skirt.

It was a cheapie from Target and
I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it turned out not so bad after all. There was only a small key pocket that made carrying fuel a bit tricky. I’ll probably save it for shorter runs in the future.

Pooch update; she’s alive and well! Although, she doesn’t think so highly of being reacquainted with her crate.


Fireworks, oh my!!

Over the weekend, my sweet dog decided to graze her way through the lower level of my kitchen pantry. She helped herself to a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips, a package of shot blocks, some paper plates, and red pepper flakes. She did however decide not to finish off those red pepper flakes and left the mess of them scattered all over the floor. I can’t imagine why?  I found her bouncing off the walls and desperately panting; waiting for someone to refill her water bowl. And fill it again. And again.



Fast forward to today…apparently she decided to expand her pallet a little further. She ate a package of 20 M100 firecrackers that she found in a closet. Tonight, sweet Dr. McGlothlin is introducing her to charcoal. I’m sure she is wishing she would have just stuck to her boring old dog food right about now. 

This whole incident almost got in the way of my run, but I made it out to meet up with the girls just in the nick of time. We managed to knock out a little less than 4 miles this evening. Although the temps have warmed up since earlier in the week, it was overcast and comfortable with a slight breeze. In spite of earlier events, it ended up being just the thing I needed to de-stress from the day.

Sunday was the long run, which incidently turned out to be pretty darn good by my standards. Monday ended up being a rest day, and Tuesday was strength and speed drills at the gym. Overall training is moving along swimmingly. Only, I’m not sure I can use the word swimmingly when I am talking about running. Or can I?




Vocabulary, reinforcement lessons, and stranger danger

This week’s training schedule got a little catiwompus. <—Is that the correct spelling? Is there a correct spelling? I’m googling it right now…indeed there is a correct spelling and that one is incorrect.


<a onmousedown="spk(this,{lk:'nx1fkx’,en:’wotdau’,io:’0′,b:’wotd’,tp:’lrl’,m:’wotdau’})” href=”#”> /ˌkætəˈwɒmpəs/ Show Spelled [kat-uh-wom-puhs] Show IPA Chiefly Midland and Southern U.S.



askew; awry.

positioned diagonally; cater-cornered.
Before this post gets to catawampus, let’s get back to the training plan. Execution of a plan is not always perfect to say the least but getting it done is what matters in the end. Mostly. I think.
Wednesday was a meet up with some co-workers at the park for a run. I loved this. They aren’t training for anything and don’t run quite often, but we got a solid 2.5 miles of actual running done. All together we completed almost 4 miles. We are still in the “get to know each other” phase and have lots to talk about. Aren’t girlfriends the best?!
Thursday ended up being an off day. In lieu of the evening run/workout I went to hear Griffin’s orchestra concert. They are amazing. Only 3 weeks of practice and they sounedd B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Well worth missing a workout!
No run on Friday either, but I did get a good 3 miles in this morning. Which I intend to be a prelude to a long run tomorrow morning. Tomorrow’s goal is 8.
This morning something happened that has never happened before. I was approached by a stranger. On many occasions a fellow runner will wave, nod, say hi, ask how far your running or what your training for, but this was no fellow runner. He was a stranger on our turf!
I first passed him talking to an elderly gentlemen who was walking his dog. The gentlemen appeared to be giving him directions. As I ran past I noticed he was dirty, had a hole in his Bikini’s T-shirt and was dressed like someone who worked as a bar back or in a kitchen at a restaurant. Sadly, I made some judgements about this guy and immediately was fearful of him. But then, I remembered something I was reading just about 90 minutes before. James 1:9-11, Deuteronomy 15:11, Proverbs 17:5, Proverbs 19:17. You can go read the passage yourself, but I’ll sum it up for you here.
Love the poor people!
Guess what? Kelly Clarkson and I were rockin’ it out no more than 30 yards down the path,  when all of a sudden to my right this  stranger was running along side of me trying to get my attention. The funniest part is that my original “get out of a dangerous situation” strategy was that I would definitely be able to outrun that guy if he came after me and before I knew it, he was about 4 inches from me.
No harm came. He was lost and looking for a nearby street.  Unfortunately I could not help him locate the street, but helped him get his bearings and comforted him as he complained about having a fight with his girlfriend. I’m not sure how much good that did, but I’d like to think that if I was in his shoes that even the gesture of someone genuinely trying to help would be received well. Hope you found your way home, buddy!
Other than loving the poor, this story has one more point. How do you plan for dangerous encounters (God forbid) on a run? As mentioned above, I strategize how best to get out of dangers way.  In the past I have attended some self-defense seminars and classes and keep those tools and techniques top of mind. Other than that, I run where people are or with someone and I wear my roadID.   What’s in your toolbelt for self-protection?

Short weeks are amazing to look forward too, but the return is always a bit of a shocker. Where did all this work come from and how exactly did I forget that I was going to be doing double time this week to get it all done. Eek!

After a very, long day I managed to make my way over to the gym. It was an easy three miles today that took me about 28 minutes.

My first mile is always the hardest to get through and today’s was a killer. In fact, I treadmill hopped every quarter mile convincing myself each quarter I didn’t have it in me to run today. Before I could take two steps away though, I had a serious “come to Jesus talk” with myself and got my arse back in gear on the next treadmill. I’m sure the others around me thought I had completely lost my mind. Funny enough though, after that first mile I settled into a feel good 9:40 pace and finished off the rest of my run. Do you ever have trouble with that first mile or is it just me? When the going gets tough, how do you get going?

Dinner tonight had to be something simple, tasty and fast.  If your looking for something similar you should make this very soon.


1/4 cup olive oil, 1 tsp sugar, 1 tsp Italian Seasoning, juice of one lemon, pinch of salt and pepper


Romain lettuce, sliced purple onion, 1/4 cup roughly chopped pitted Kalmata olives,1/2 cup feta cheese crumbles, 8 oz. thawed frozen green beans, diced grilled chicken breast.


When the going gets tough…


Labor Day Love

Our camping trip turned out to be an incredibly fun and memory making weekend. We did all the normal camping things…sleep in a tent, swim in the spring fed swimming hole, and roast hot dogs and marshmallows over an open flame.

By the time we got home Sunday evening, I was already starting to feel some muscle soreness from all of the walking, boulder climbing, and swimming. It’s my choice to believe that none of that has to do with my age. Nothing to with it at all.

Today’s “stretch and strength” workout consisted of Yoga X at casa de Amy. It was a much-needed stretch session.

If you look closely, you can see my dog passed out on her bed in the back corner. While I yoga’d, she snoozded. But, I’m pretty sure she was dreaming of yoga.

After my at home yoga session, I loaded up Griffin and his friend and took them out to a local park for some bike riding. It was a nice afternoon for a walk, which is something I rarely ever do. I enjoyed just strolling for a while, but then found my self walking faster and faster. It just made me giggle thinking about how automatic it is for my body to be moving in a run motion, that I can hardly even just go for a walk.

Happy Labor Day to you all!