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My Friday on a Thursday that felt like a Monday.

Yep. It was bad. So bad, my boss said she owed me a drink when the day was over. I obliged. Skipped my workout and drank wine instead. I have nothing to report today except that today was my Friday. This means, I make up my workout tomorrow.

I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. My plan is to be here tomorrow.



Hola Amigos!

Today’s planned run was an easy 3 miles. I headed out to one of my favorite local parks and hit the pavement. Things were moving along swimmingly and then around 2.5 miles I felt a twinge in my knee. I stopped the run to walk it out a little and about 100 meters down the path realized that my problem was likely more mental than physical. So, I stepped it up and finished up the last half mile quickly.

This was one of my fastest pace runs ever. I have a theory about this and how it directly relates to my hormones. So now would be a good time for a little disclaimer. Guys, if you happen to drop by this site, please remember it’s called runSKIRTSandPEARLS. This means it could get girly around here from time to time.

I’ll save my hormone theory for another post on another day. Have you seen the movie Phenomenon? It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve seen it, but man…it’s a good story. It’s an amazing story about possibiliites, beautiful friendships, and people who selflessly love and are more interested in loving, than being loved. I’m off to prop up my feet and relax the rest of the evening.

“Everything is on it’s way to somewhere.”- George Malley



This showed up on my twitter feed today and instantly became my inspiration!

Girls On The Run (<–click that link and be inspired too)

The results of that motivation….

Hope you found some encouragement today too!



Getting Started

In 76 days I will be running a half marathon. This will be my third half to run, but the first I am training for solo. Well, I am technically running and fundraising with a team (which will definitely be a future post), but don’t have a consistent “run buddy” like I’ve had before. Without a consistent running partner, my training has not been so consistent. That’s where you come in…I need some accountabililty.

Some weeks are great and leave me feeling strong and accomplished and then there are those that are less than stellar. My goal is to be strong and consistent through these next 75 days. So, the plan will be as follows:

Monday- Stretch and Strength

Tuesday- Run day

Wednesday- Run or Cross Train

Thursday- Run and Strength

Friday- Rest

Saturday- Looooooong Run

Sunday- Much needed rest day!

Let’s get this party started! Today was stretch and strength day. We have a great facility at work, so I took over the spin room today.


After a good 25 minute stretch session, I warmed up with 10 minutes on the bike at moderate tension at a moderate speed. Enough to get my heart rate up and feel the sweat start to bead up on my forhead and arms.

Circuit (12-15 reps each)

Squats with overhead press (10lbs)

Weighted one leg dead lifts (10lbs)

Bent over fly  with slightly bent arms (6 lbs)

Curtsy lung with tricep pull up (8 lbs)

Inverted push ups with stability ball

Stability ball Superman’s

Leg lifts with stability ball

It was a schweaty workout for sure! My strength training up until about 4 weeks ago was twice a week, but then it drastically fell off and became very sporadic. My strength workouts have typically focuseed on core and upper body work mainly because your core is critical to running and running without injury and my arms…well everyone just looks and feels better with tones arms. But, I am currently struggling with some knee pain and have self diagnosed along with the internet that I either a simple case of runners knee or a Baker’s cyst. If it’s runners knee, then the trusty internet experts say that strengthening my quads will help. It’s been two weeks and I have cut mileage back significantly (to less than 10 miles each week) and have done more leg work than normal. I’m giving it one more week and if I am not pain free or at least feeling some relief, then I’ll seek out the help of a real doctor.

Tomorrow’s plan is a three mile run. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are typically my park run days. Hoping for that tomorrow, but my bum knee may change that plan. Hoping for the best!